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Akatsuki Seven Deadly Sins
So... I just realized that the Akatsuki members that don't contribute to main plot points (Such as Itachi, Zetsu, and Tobi) are probably based on the seven deadly sins.
Hidan = Wrath (speaks for itself)
Pein = Pride (thinks he's a god)
Konan = Lust (follows Pein like a lap-dog)
Kakazu = Greed (speaks for itself)
Deidara = Envy (thinks of Itachi as better than him)
Sasori = Sloth (makes puppets do things for him)
Kisame = Gluttony (has a sword that eats chakra)
I have discovered the secret of the universe
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My first shi- uh, I mean, creepypasta. Yeah, that.
I met a man today that I could only describe as frightened out of his mind. The man frantically ran up to me in the middle of the street, and kept saying ‘Gashadokuro.” He repeated this a few times before running, or, shall I say, stumbling off. I was disturbed by this, but took it as nothing, for the rampant man was probably crazy, running up to me in public like that. It still managed to frighten me like hell, though.
I proceeded to go up the street, when I saw a garage sale. Since I didn’t have anything else to do, I decided to check it out. One of the things he was selling was a strange flashlight with a glass skull as a bulb. Since it was so weird, I decided to buy it out of sheer interest. When I asked how much it was, I noticed the man was so skinny I could see his ribs, yet, somehow, he managed to withstand his huge height. “I don’t know where it came from; I don’t remember buying it, so just take it.”
Thanking him for his generosity, I
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Pony heart
Don't even know who the​ characters are. But I throw away my dignity, anyway, with this horrid drawing.
My dragon egg died before it could hatch in Dragon Cave. Oh well! I'll just get another one!

Here it is:]http:/…


Mr Sausage
Antigua and Barbuda


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